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Sale will help Pasco wheelchair maker grow

A Pasco manufacturer of custom manual wheelchairs will have more resources to expand as a result of being acquired by a larger Swedish company.

TiLite founder and CEO David Lippes announced this week that TiLite recently was sold to Permobil, which builds power wheelchairs.

Lippes remains at the helm as CEO and will be a partner in TiLite, which will remain a separate company. 

Hanford Area Economic Investment Fund Committee is busier than ever


The Hanford Area Economic Investment Fund Committee has made many changes this year.

The group added two subcontractors in January, approved its first two grants in June and is closing two of its largest loans ever.

“I am quite delighted that we have had more activity this year than last year,” said LoAnn Ayers, board chairman. “That is a much higher deal rate than we’ve ever had.”

Ayers said the changes are due to reorganized and motivated board members and the work of the new subcontractors.

Since 1991, HAEIFC has provided loans to businesses and municipalities in the Tri-Cities area to expand and diversify the economy and decrease dependence on U.S. Department of Energy operations in Benton and Franklin counties.